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Riverside Janda Baik is a 3 acre land that provides visitors with many facilities for picnic, camping and a accomodation.


About Us

Riverside Janda Baik is located just beside Pulau Santap area. Provides a nice place for picnic, chalets a large camp site that can accomodate 500 people at one time in the untouched greenery and a lot of other activities.

The dreariness of daily life. The pressures of urban living. The stress of work and responsibilities. Like it or not, everyone has different issues they want to be free of. That’s why we created three distinctive properties to help you escape the rigours of modern lifestyles. And rediscover freedom like it was meant to be.

Riverside Janda Baik is established in 2008 and is managed by Riverside Janda Baik Sdn. Bhd. Privately owned, it is a family business making it a family affair and get together place every now and then.

Here we offer peace and harmony with the nature, since we preserver a lot of trees for the younger generation to get to know them and to study about them.

We plan to expand our preservations further by planting / farming to cultivate the earth and preserve nature in hope that visitors will also do the same by keeping the environment clean.

Past Events

08 Mac 2018 Pusat Pemulihan dalam Komuniti Jengka 21 Pahang
28 Feb 2018 Family Day Kastam Bentong
09 Dec 2017 SMK Cochrane Kuala Lumpur
24 Oct 2017 SM Selayang Baru
11 Oct 2017 SMP (K) Setapak Lumpur
15 Aug 2017 SMK Bentong
12 Aug 2017 PDK Sinaran Klau , Pahang


Malaysia School Holidays 2017

18/03/2017 – 26/03/2017
27/05/2017 – 11.06/2017
26/08/2017 – 03/09/2017
25/11/2017 – 01/01/2018

Public Holidays 2017

01 Jan 17: New Year
28-29 Jan 17: Chinese New Year
01 Feb 17: Federal Territory Day
09 Feb 17: Thaipusam
01 May 17: Labour Day
10 May 17: Wesak Day
03 June 17: Agong Bday
12 June 17: Nuzul Quran
25-26 June 17: Hari Raya Puasa
31 Aug 17: Independence Day
16 Sept 17: Hari Malaysia
01 Sept 17: Hari Raya Haji
21 Sept 17: Awal Muharram
18 Oct 17: Deepavali
01 Dec 17: Maulidur Rasul
25 Dec 17: Christmas